Adobe Photoshop CS5 is Better at Healing

Apr 30, 2010 | articles, videos

[intlink id=”5570″ type=”post”]Adobe Photoshop CS5[/intlink] might not have impressed me with their new HDR Pro features, but I am certainly impressed by the improvement in the new CS5 healing tool. Photoshop CS5’s healing tool has been improved with a new Content Aware logic. This new system allows the healing tool to recreate large image area, making retouching easier.

Retouching large areas of unwanted debris has always been my most time consuming process. I try not to retouch large areas too often, but when I do, it becomes a nightmare. I can’t wait to start using the new CS5 healing tool. I’m sure it’s not a solve all system, but I know from watching the video below, it’ll save me a lot of time.