Adding and Changing Things Around

Apr 1, 2010 | misc

Changing a few things around on, for those of you reading this from your email, you probably noticed you’re receiving images, well at least I hope you are. That was the plan from the beginning but getting it to display properly was a tad tricky. Unfortunately you’re only getting the thumbnail image but you’ll be able to click it to view the original.

I’ll also be changing the way I post my photos. I’m trying to make it easier for me to post, so I don’t spend all my time doing it. Unless I get a few requests to keep posting the original exposures I might decide to stop posting them all together. I don’t mind doing so but it does take time. There’s a poll on my homepage so if you care, vote on it.

Also two new buttons will soon be added below the main photo on every photo post. One will allow you to download the original image for personal use and the other will allow you to buy a high resolution download of that photo. Prices will vary depending on the license chosen.

I’m excited to offer this feature. I know many of you have requested prints. I might not be selling the prints myself but at least the high resolution file will allow you to get a high quality prints from the many websites already offering this service. Plus with the hi-res file you can get it printed locally too. I imagine this would be the preferred method since you’ll be able to see the print first before purchasing.

Some of you might already notice the Photo Archive menu. This will be an area where I’ll be posting regular photos (non-HDR). Textures for montages will also be available in this section as well as travel photos.

Well that’s my weekly update. I appreciate everyone’s support. Thank you for those who have sign-up to my Feedburner. I promise to send only quality post as often as I can.

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Captain Kimo