Day: January 30, 2012

Sunset Panorama from Lake Worth Lagoon at Munyon Island

My third attempt this week for a sunset at Lake Worth Lagoon, and you know what they say… “third times a charm.” Well in this case it was true. I’m working backwards through this series. This was shot 30 minutes after sunset so you can imagine what the others will look like. Let’s just say, I finally got the mangrove shot I wanted from this place, and then some.

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Carlin Park Raging Wave at Sunrise Jupiter Florida

I am missing my Canon PowerShot S90. Ever since it took a nose dive and crashed on the rocks I’ve been feeling incomplete. Every serious photographer should have something similar for capturing those casual moments in life. This was one of those images.

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Mangroves from Lake Worth Lagoon at Munyon Island

I’ve said this before, mangroves are one of the hardest subjects to shoot. When you’re there, they look amazing, however they don’t translate well into a photograph. I think this is due to a lack of color and intensity of detail. That’s why when post process these images I will almost always convert to black and white or duo tone.

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