Captain Kimo’s HDR Workshop


Workshops Available…
Captain Kimo has three types of workshops available. Please see the list below and choose the workshop that best fit your needs. All workshops include a Lifetime Membership at This is my website with all my tutorials, ebooks, videos, actions, presets and more.

1. Basic Workshop – Price $120
This workshop is a three hour course which includes one hour of shooting and two hours of post processing. We will meet at the Jupiter Inlet, either for sunrise or sunset. I will cover camera settings, technique and composition to help you get the results you want. Afterwards we will spend two hours covering post processing. Please fill out form below for more detail and to schedule a workshop.
Click here to fill out the workshop request form.

2. Advance Workshop – Price $600
This is a custom workshop designed around the student. I will focus on the area you feel needs the most attention. This is a 4 hour course. You can choose any location in Florida. For more information please fill out the form below.
Click here to fill out the workshop request form.

3. Professional Workshop – Price $1200
Designed for advanced or professional photographers who want to learn more about the commercial side of photography and how to make money doing what you love. I will help you understand the business side of this industry. This is a one on one workshop and is scheduled by appointment only. This workshop will involve some shooting and post processing but everything will focus on the commercial aspects of photography. This will be a six hour workshop. Please use the form below to contact me and we can discuss more about what I have to offer in this workshop.
Click here to fill out the workshop request form.

Please follow the steps below to request a workshop.
Step 1.
 Click here to fill out the workshop request form.
Step 2. You will get an email from me confirming the date.
Step 3. Reply to that email and I will call to discuss details.
Step 4. Meet for photography workshop.
Step 5. Pay cash or credit card after workshop.

Buy Now Links
For convenience you can use the links below to pay for the workshop. You can also pay by credit card or cash after the workshop has ended.

  1. Click to Buy Basic Workshop – $120.00
  2. Click to Buy Advance Workshop – $600.00
  3. Click to Buy Professional Workshop – $1200.00

Secure payment made with PayPal. Purchase is refundable within 24 hours of notice of the workshop date.


8 thoughts on “Captain Kimo’s HDR Workshop

  1. Richard Niddrie

    Hi Captain!!! Richard with another question.Have you considered making your course(s) available through

    I’d sign up in a minute. Bit far for me to come to you



  2. Captain Kimo Post author

    Will do Jackie thanks for the interest. If anyone else is interested in a workshop please leave a comment here. Thank you.

  3. Jackie

    Captain Kimo,
    I am in awe of your photos and will be becoming a Lifetime member today. All I want for Christmas is to be able to take a class with you in order to learn your HDR techniques. I understand you are working on videos and have put your workshop classes on hold, but please let me know as soon as they become available again. Best regards!

  4. Captain Kimo Post author

    Gordon I don’t know of any place where you can find exposure already taken. However I will be providing them soon with my members only website.

  5. Captain Kimo Post author

    I will contact you when I start doing them again. Right now I’m busy working on a video.

  6. Troy Keesee

    Good Morning………glad you are back in the states and have been enjoying your images from Florida again. I would LOVE to get into a workshop with you but it seems when I go to the website they are never available.

    Any comments/observations……??

    Troy Keesee

  7. J. Gordon Betsill

    I don’t mean this to sound like a poor, poor pitiful ol me
    story, but facts are facts and sometimes one needs to be honest and candid.
    I’m a senior on a fixed income. I’ll never be able to afford Paintshop and a variety of programs. I do have
    Paint Shop Pro X5 which was at a discount as well as
    Photomatrix. These 2 programs are all that I’ll ever have for HDR photography which interests me greatly. I have a bridge camera, Canon S95, which offers minimum HDR capability. Although I know full well that my work will never be great because of what I have to work with, I still want to do the best work possible.

    Where can I get photos already taken with the 3 different
    exposures? I cannot travel to places with wonderful
    scenary so I think this would be my best shot at ending up with very interesting work.

    I love your videos as they are easily understandable even though you use 4 programs. My work will never come close to the caliber of your finished photos, but I accept that and will just be happy to do the best I can with what I have.

    Thank you,
    Gordon Betsil

  8. Steve

    Thank you Kim, I just received my member email from you for the panorama. The work flow from start to finish was awesome. Thank you so much for taking the time to describe in detail how this works. I did not know Elements could stich together images to create a panoramic image. Thank you for showing both Elements and Photoshop CS methods. I really enjoyed the Lightroom portion as I am new to Lightroom.

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