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Portraiture Software LogoPortraiture is a plugin I use for touching up portrait photos. I use it to eliminates any unwanted blemishes on people’s faces and skin. Portraiture is a most have for professional photographers. Especially for those who shoot lots of portraits. This program will pay for itself very quickly, and even quicker with the coupon below.

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Portraiture – Simple Button Pushing

Removing imperfection is not a pleasant part of processing portraits, not to mention tedious and time consuming. With Portraiture it’s as easy as pushing a few buttons. Just check out the video below.

Before and After Samples

Below are some of photos I’ve used Portraiture on.

Teenage Girl After Portraiture Teenage Girl Before Portraiture
Captain Kimo After Portraiture Captain Kimo Before Portraiture
Machine Gun Girl After Portraiture Machine Gun Girl Before Portraiture

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MAC  – Photoshop
, Lightroom and Aperture
Windows  – Photoshop, Lightroom
Remember to use the coupon code: CaptainKimo

3 thoughts on “Portraiture Plugin

  1. Captain Kimo Post author

    It should work now! Apparently it expires after a while. Thanks for letting know Tony.

  2. Captain Kimo Post author

    Tony, thanks for letting me know. I’ll see what’s going on. I believe the discount is 10% but I’m not 100% sure.

  3. Tony

    just curious if the coupon is still good. I may be doing something wrong but the coupon couldn’t be applied during the checkout phase. If it’s not good any longer, what was the savings? Just curious. Thanks!

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