Picturenaut Free HDR Photography Software for Photographers

HDR photography software can be expensive but some are Free! Picturenaut is one of them. Picturenaut is a free HDR software for creating more realistic HDR images. Picturenaut is limited to a certain degree but would you really complain for something that’s free? Photographers can download this great HDR software at the bottom of this page.


Since I’ve been an HDR photographer, I’ve always known about Picturenaut. Picturenaut is a great software for those who love more realistic images. It’s great for photographers who dislike the intense look of most HDR images. I’ve used Picturenaut for a short period back in the days, but I’m one of those photographers who enjoys the more hyper real images.

I use Picturenaut from time to time but for 99% of my photos I use Photomatix Pro HDR software for creating my high dynamic range photos. I use Photomatix because it gives me more control over the dynamic look of my HDR images.

Picturenaut is great but it lacks a lot of these options for dynamic range. In a way that’s good and bad. It’s good because it makes creating HDR images super easy. It’s bad because you’re limited to only a few results. All of which are all realistic. Below is quick starter video for Picturenaut.

Picturenaut HDR Photography Software Tutorial

Here is the result of the HDR photo from the video.

Original exposures used for creating the HDR photo.

For comparison; here’s a Photomatix HDR output of the same photos from Picturenaut.

As you can see, with the results above, Picturenaut does a great job creating the HDR image but it lacks options to produce a richer more dynamic photo.

Use the link below to get your download copy of  Picturenaut.

Download Picturenaut Free

Here are some great links and resources to learn more about Picturenaut.

8 thoughts on “Picturenaut Free HDR Photography Software for Photographers

  1. Ronald

    hi captain kimo i just want to ask if this software works with windows vista? thank you and best regards..

  2. Charles van Dijk

    Thanks for getting me started on picturenaut. I just want to share my workflow. I’m using Elements 9 and their blend exposure mode is no match for picturenaut. Final toning is however very satisfactory. 1st open as to get camera raw plugin to manipulate the 16 bits tiff file. Convert the 16bits to 8 bits to finish up in the quick editing mode to safe as a jpeg. For the non professional hobbyist it is a very satisfactory outcome. regards Chuck

  3. Captain Kimo Post author

    Nope… its a PC only program. But you can probably run it of MAC if you had windows emulation software running on it.

  4. Ann

    Hello there,

    I have a quick question regarding picturenaut… does it work on Window 7?


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