Captain Kimo’s Photoshop Action

“Get the Captain Kimo HDR look!”

This is the Photoshop action that I use for all my HDR images as well as regular photos. I developed this action to streamline my Photoshop post processing workflow. When played this action runs through my most commonly used layer adjustments, plugins and processing techniques to create a very sharp, smooth and polished image.

Note: This action is included with “Secrets to Mastering HDR Photography” e-book. For those who already purchased the e-book, you should have received an e-mail with a download link. If not e-mail me your transaction ID using the contact page.

This action will work with Photoshop Elements 7, 8 and 9 as well as Photoshop CS 3, 4 and 5. Note: Photoshop Elements 7 and CS3 users need to run action separately because “Play All Actions” won’t work with those versions.

You will need 3 Topaz Plugins to play this action; Topaz Adjust, Topaz Denoise and Topaz Clean. However this action does include a non plug-in version that will work with both Elements and CS. The non plug-in version is included as a bonus. Results from this action is not comparable to the original version that requires the Topaz plugins.

Check Out Some of Captain Kimo’s Before and After Images Below.

6 thoughts on “Captain Kimo’s Photoshop Action

  1. Captain Kimo Post author

    Edward, the Topaz Plugins are required to run this Photoshop Action. Photomatix is not required.

  2. Edward

    Does this action automatically use presets on the Topaz plug-ins? What if you don’t have or use Photomatrix?

  3. Captain Kimo Post author

    No problem Linda… I know a lot of people use Elements, especially hobbyists. I’ll start including Elements in some of my future tutorials.

  4. Linda D

    Thank you, Kim, for including a Photoshop Elements action too. The results are incredible and it’s great to have all the individual layers to tweak (not that they need much tweaking!). I’m so glad I found your website and ebook….keep up the good work.

  5. Captain Kimo Post author

    Hey Steve, thanks for the support! I’m glad your first run was a good experience :)

  6. Steve

    Thank you Kim, check out my Flickr Stream, tonight I purchased your action, installed in Photoshop CS5 and ran the action on a HDR Image I was saving for an enlargement. I am glad I waited. Your action enhanced my HDR image beyond what I could have done. Thank you. Well done my friend.

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