Got My Visa for Thailand & Cambodia

Some of you might already know this, but for those who don’t, I’ll be leaving in three weeks for a three month adventure in Thailand and Cambodia. I can’t wait to go and relax, especially since I’ve been busting my tail on my site since January.

Of course, I’ll be shooting daily while I’m there, and as long as I have an internet connection you’ll get daily photos!

This will give me a great opportunity to practice my street photography. After watching Trey’s interview with Alfred Goodrich, I’ve been inspired to shoot street photos. I can only imagine how many wonderful opportunities I’ll get while I’m there. Especially after seeing the winning photo from the Scott Kelby 2009 Photowalk.

This will be my first time back into Cambodia since I was three. I guess it’s about time I finally go visit my country of birth. I’ll keep you posted on my adventure as it happens so be sure check in or [intlink id=”1972″ type=”page”]sign-up with Feedburner[/intlink] to get daily updates.

8 thoughts on “Got My Visa for Thailand & Cambodia

  1. Captain Kimo Post author

    Thanks Matt. I can’t wait to start posting pictures from this trip it’s gonna be blast!

  2. Matt Shaw

    Hey Capt Kimo, you are going to all my old stomping grounds . I spent a year in Viet Nam back in the early 70’s. That is a beautiful country. I am looking forward to your new pics.
    I live right next to Singer Island and enjoy all your HDR shots. Have a good trip and keep shootng….
    [email protected]
    Matt Shaw

  3. Bruce

    Awesome photographs! You turn reality into something truly special. Enjoy your adventures and do not forget those who have been with you on some of those journeys.

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